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Samsonite Product Promotion

November 6, 2010

Today I thought I would showcase the Exhibition Design project I did for Samsonite Luggage. Although this module came under the heading of ‘Exhibition Design’ it was actually an exercise in product promotion, something I could easily relate to having spent 14 years in Visual Merchandising and Display with a large national retailer.
The brief was to ‘promote a capsule collection selected from their (Samsonite) wide product range.’ I was asked to target one of three specific types of traveller i.e. those travelling on business, those travelling for ‘sports’ holidays and those taking a family holiday. I was given full control over where and when the promotion would take place, opening up limitless possibilities, but it was made clear that ‘The space should reinforce the brand values and indicate your contextual reasoning behind the product selection.’
– National Design Academy (2010) VLS Notes [on-line] [Accessed 4th November 2010]

In the course of my research into exhibition design I came across the installation art of Gerry Judah. I was completely blown away by the scale and excitement of these pieces and seeing his work inspired me to choose a sporting theme for my project. After researching the Samsonite comapny, my chosen product range of McLaren Sport Luggage and the McLaren brand (and the their involvement with the luggage roll-out) I produced a series of development sketches including the McLaren formula 1 car, the racing track and the luggage. I kept my colour scheme very simple throughout using black, white and red – this fitted in perfectly not only with Samsonite and McLaren but also with Goodwood’s Festival of Speed black and white theme. Below are two of the eight development sketches and a selection of the various presentation boards I produced detailing the venue, the promo unit concept and the procuct. I hope you enjoy looking through them as much as I did producing them.

Development sketches and Rationale front cover

McLaren sketches


Trackside sketches

Goodwood’s Festival of Speed provided the ideal venue for my product launch. The staff at Goodwood were terrific and gave me all the support I needed when faced with my barrage of queries relating to exibiting at such a presitgious event. The following pages are taken from my ‘Goodwood…..The Venue’ presentation pack.

Samsonite Exhibition Rationale

Samsonite Exhibition Rationale

Samsonite Exhibition Rationale - page 2

Samsonite Exhibition Rationale - page 2

Samsonite Exhibition Rationale - page 3

Samsonite Exhibition Rationale - page 3

Samsonite Exhibition Rationale - page 4

Samsonite Exhibition Rationale Bibliography - page 4

Goodwood - the venue page 1

Goodwood - the venue page 2


Goodwood - the venue page 3

Goodwood - the venue page 4

Goodwood - the venue biliography

McLAren Sport A3 Product Board

After exploring various options for the Promotional Unit I settled on the design below which I felt ticked all the boxes including being modular (for ease of transportation and construction), weather proof (for use outdoors) as well as working aesthetically (it fitted in well with the format at Goodwood and leant itself well to signage)

Development Sketch for Promo Unit


Promo Unit Roof Plan and Elevations


Promo Unit Dimensioned Floor Plan

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