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Art Deco Bathroom Concept

November 15, 2010

One of my favourite periods in architectural & interior design has to be Art Deco. What I find so appealing is the theatrical glamour of this movement. This was carried right through from the dramatic architecture & sophisticated interiors to the haute couture gowns & beautiful graphics down to the bronze figurines & tiny glass perfume bottles.

The Art Deco style originated in France & reached its peak in the 1925 Paris Exposition, which would eventually give its name to the movement. At the start of th the 20 century French designers & decorators were taking their influence from Afro-American culture i.e. Jazz, Josephine Baker & the Revue Negre, also from brightly coloured geometric ‘tribal art’such as carvings, wall paintings & textiles. The Russian ‘Ballet Russes’ were already using these strong images in the theatre & again this helped to define the style. Other influences included Aztec, Mayan & Egyptian art & motifs, Japanese lacquer-work & the stepped back shape of the Sumerian ziggurat.

The style was adopted by both the traditionalists, favouring expensive materials & hand crafted workmanship, as well as the Modernists who advocated machine made, mass produced pieces. This was the age of the motor car and the sleek lines of the car, the train & the cruise liner are also very evident as being influential in many areas of design & architecture of this period.

The images below are from a scheme I designed for an Art Deco bathroom. Inspiration can be found all around us and while working on development sketches for this project I remembered I had once seen a beautiful powder compact in an Art Deco source book. I tracked this down and used it as the inspiration for my colour scheme and as a bespoke in-set motif in the marble effect flooring.

This room design features split level’s to divide off the different areas/functions within the bathroom i.e. shower, sauna and bathing. The bath itself is positioned on a raised platform directly opposite the door creating a strong visual impact on entering the room. The dark marble floor and wall tiles used in this area dramatically contrast with the pure white of the bath. A gold tap on a floor mounted column adds to the sense of luxury. One of the many influences of the Art Deco style was the stepped back shape of the Sumerian ziggurat. I used this as my inspiration for the shelving on the rear wall, stepping up to the sunburst mirror.

The modesty screen concealing the toilet has in-set shelving facing onto the main area which can be used for storing/displaying towels and toiletries.

An exciting inclusion was the rare, early Art Deco vanity by one of my favourite designer’s, E.J. Ruhlmann.

Art Deco Bathroom - cover page

Art Deco Bathroom - mood board

Art Deco Bathroom - Coloured Furniture Plan

Art Deco Bathroom Elevations

Art Deco Bathroom - Elevation Details

Art Deco Bathroom - Plan

Art Deco Bathroom - Plan

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  1. October 28, 2011 12:46

    loved your work. very inspiring!

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