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Tiny detail…..huge impact!

March 23, 2011

With clear blue skies and the rise in temperature I feel like Spring is really here!  As we come out of the gloom of Winter it is only natural that we start to think about decorating and making those home improvements that we have been promising ourselves during the Winter months.  This is the season for the DIY enthusiast & the time when our stores see a huge rise in sales of paint, wall paper, curtain fabric and flooring – the most obvious areas to tackle.  What is often overlooked is the tiny details that we take for granted …..the little things such as door handles, cabinet knobs and light switches.  We live with them for so long we almost stop noticing them.  Simply replacing items like these with a stylish alternative can make a huge difference to the overall look of a room.

I love ‘detail’ and well designed, good quality door hardware is something that can be appreciated, not only by look, but also by touch.  One of my favourite manufacturers is SA Baxter who have a London showroom at Chelsea Harbour.  Below is just a very small selection of their extensive range  which includes traditional, modern and bespoke designs to suit all tastes.

A small selection of SA Baxter door hardware

Another product that we tend to overlook is the humble light switch.   Consider swapping white plastic switch plates for attractive, slim, metal versions – the choice of finish is enormous including antique bronze, brushed stainless steel, polished nickle silver, etc.  If you have a patterned wallpaper take a look at the clear perpex plate from Forbes & Lomax.  This discrete design  is a wonderful alternative to the standard light switch and doesnt detract in any way from the wallpaper.  These may seem like tiny details but they really can make a huge impact!

Forbes & Lomax clear light switch

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