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Cool Britannia

April 11, 2011

“Cool Britannia” is a phrase that was popularised in 1990’s Britain.  It was used to describe the mood in Britain at a time that saw the revival of British pride, encompassing the Britpop movement, British fashion, arts & politics.


In 2011, with the Royal wedding later this month, the 60th anniversary of the Festival of Britain and the publicity surrounding the build-up to the Olympic Games, we are currently experiencing a revival of ‘Cool Britannia’.   This trend is being seen at British Interiors Shows with many manufacturers featuring the Union Flag, the symbol of ‘Cool Britannia’, on their products.

Here are just a few examples of ‘Cool Britannia’ for the home.

Union Jack wallpaper.  Pint-to-fit bespoke sizes and other flags also available.

Example cost to cover a wall space of 2.80m high x 3.65m wide = £299.


Assorted Cushions, from £67, Jan Constantine, 01270 821194

Armstrong Union Jack sofa from Andrew Martin

Height: 70cm Width: 215cm Depth: 90cm   Price: £3995

Lojo ball – all-in-one chair, beanbag & foot stool.  Price:  £92.99 from Amazon UK

Union Jack foot stool from John Lewis £199

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