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Penthouse Living…so near….but so far!

August 16, 2011

The National Design Academy in Nottingham recently launched an exciting competition asking designers to come up with a scheme for a new-build penthouse apartment.  I leapt at the chance to take part and was delighted to discover that my final design had been succesful in reaching the top five!  Naturally I would have loved to have won but coming second place in a ‘national’ competition is still a very satisfying achievement!  Well done to the winner and to the other runners-up.

As this is a rented property it is important that the furniture and finishes should be selected not only for their good looks and styling but also for qualities such as safety, comfort, durability and low maintenance.  A Penthouse apartment of this size, quality & location will attract a highly successful, professional tenant, one who will be buying into a particular ‘lifestyle’, one of affluence and quality suiting their status and it was important that I reflected this in every aspect of my scheme.

The architecture of the apartment is spacious, open and airy with vast expanses of glass.  My interior scheme emphasised these attributes, combining simple, contemporary lines with high gloss surfaces, hard-edged furniture  contrasting with softly pleated drapes.  The use of wood veneers, calm colour schemes and textural fabrics / wallpapers echo’s the natural elements to be found outdoors.   The overall look of this proposed scheme is one of understated sophistication.

Apologies for the poor reproduction of these boards but having created them with ‘samples’ attached, the shadows cast during photocopying have caused some discolouration.

Penthouse Competition - Cover Page of Presentation Folder

Penthouse Competition - selection of presentation boards


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