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Christmas Decorations Workshop…

October 18, 2012

Christmas Decorations with Karen Lane on Saturday 10th November at Horncastle College.

O.K. I know its only October but I am already getting in the mood for Christmas and I have decided that this year will be a totally ‘hand-made‘ Christmas at Dovecote House!  Next month I will be holding a workshop at Horncastle College to encourage others to have a go and create beautiful hand-made decorations for their homes.  For those taking part I have a  supply of plain, shatterproof, recycled  baubles which can be used as a ‘base’ and we will be looking at various techniques with which to decorate them.  My favourite has to be this ‘floral’ bauble made from the pages of an old cataloque…its simply stunning!  The rosettes can be made in any colour, depending on the paper you chose…I wanted black and silver so after hunting through my stack of magazines and brochures I came across  an old Franklite brochure full of images of lighting set against a black or grey background – perfect!

Floral Bauble made from an old lighting catalogue

My second favourite has to be this ‘no-sew’ bauble made from leftover scraps of two William Morris fabrics.  For this I used a polystyrene ball as a base.  Slits were cut into the ball and the fabric pushed into the slits.  Add a  button, a bead and a couple of hat pins and your done!  They are fun to make and so much more satisfying than going out and buying them!  If you are interested in having a go and would like to join the workshop please contact Horncastle College on 01507 522449.

Bauble created using William Morris fabrics


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